What To Pack for a Roadside Emergency

Stay Prepared for a Road Emergency with Ghent

If you've ever had your car break down suddenly, you know how stressful and even frightening the experience can be. Imagine you're driving alone at night in a remote area, and without warning something in your vehicle fails, rendering it immobile. In this situation, access to a cell phone and roadside assistance will be a first priority, but in the event that it takes time for help to reach you, or if you're stranded in inclement weather, you'll want to be prepared. Keeping a well-stocked emergency kit in your car is a great way to spare yourself the discomfort and maybe even danger of being stranded with a broken down car. You'll want supplies that could enable you to fix the problem yourself, and you'll also want to have items that will keep you comfortable while you wait. Check out our suggestions for your roadside emergency kit to help you get started.

Small toolkit: A toolkit with small screw drivers, a pocket knife and pliers will prove essential if the problem is something you are able to fix yourself.
Motor oil: Oil is essential for your car to run properly, so if you've sprung an oil leak, you'll want at least a quart of motor oil handy. This should enable you to get to a service station.
Coolant: Another common issue that could lead to a sudden breakdown is low coolant levels, which could cause your car to overheat. Keeping about a gallon of coolant handy can solve this quickly.
Jumper cables: Your car battery won't die while you're driving, but having jumper cables handy will be a must if your battery dies while you're doing something like running errands.
Ice scraper (when snow is possible): Having an ice scraper handy will allow you to maintain proper visibility, no matter what the conditions are like when you break down.
Flares or reflectors: These will alert other drivers to your position, which both keeps you and your vehicle safe and signals to other drivers that you may need assistance.
Flashlight and batteries: If there's something wrong with your vehicle that you can fix yourself, a flashlight will ensure that you can get the job done, even in the dark.
Blanket: Having a blanket or a space blanket handy in the car will go a long way in keeping you warm, and safe, in the event that you have a snow or inclement weather-related emergency.
Water bottles: A few bottles of water will go a long way in keeping you hydrated and healthy if you're stranded for a long period of time.
Energy bars: Like having bottled water handy, a few energy bars will be vital if you get stuck for multiple hours on end.

All of these items could go a long way in a roadside emergency. If you have questions about where to find items like coolant, motor oil, jumper cables and more, don't hesitate to contact the Ghent parts department, or call us at (970) 373-1513 with any questions. We look forward to helping you stay safe on the road!

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