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Ghent Chevrolet Cadillac Credit Repair Center

Helping shoppers with all kinds of credit secure car financing in Greeley

Bad Credit Car Loans & Auto Financing in Greeley

At Ghent Chevrolet Cadillac, we know that not everyone has a perfect credit history - bankruptcy, no credit history repossession or other bad credit issues. This doesn't mean you can't qualify for financing of a new car from Ghent. We strive to get every shopper into a car in their budget, regardless of your history. 1 in 3 people who qualify for a new car lease have subprime credit, so give us a call (970) 373-4486 today or fill out the finance form to start the process today to get in a new car.

All You Need to drive away in a car today is:
  •     Your last 2 paystubs*
  •     Current Utility Bill, phone bill OR cable bill
  •     Valid Driver's license
  •     Proof of Insurance

*Proof of income for all applicants: (Bring all that apply ? 2 months? Pay stubs, SSI Award letters, Disability Awards, L.E.S. Retirement Plans, Self Employed-1099s, 3 months most recent and statements, and /or last 2 years tax returns.

Auto Leasing & Bad Credit - Did you know?

  • It may be possible to get lease a new car with payments lower than buying a used car
  • In 2014, the average used car interest rate was 22% higher than new car interest rates
  • For deep subprime credit shoppers:Average new car interest rate: 12.42% and Average used car interest rate: 18.33%
  • Average monthly loan payment: $363 and the Average monthly lease payment: $234
  • 35% of a credit score is payment history, so if you make your lease payments on time, this will improve quickly, helping to rebuild your credit

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